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Image by Toan Chu

Free Your Voice
Unleash Your Creativity

Whether you're a seasoned singer with years of professional experience, an aspiring performer, or a human taking the first steps on your singing journey, I am passionate about helping you find more ease and joy on your path. As a teacher, I combine industry expertise from my career as a Broadway performer with my years of experimental vocal study under Marisa Michelson to offer a unique, outside-the-box approach that focuses on finding what YOU have to offer that no one else can. Let's work together and see what we discover!


Private Voice Lessons

• Free yourself from unnecessary body tension and mental judgement 

• Learn to fluidly navigate between sections of your voice  

• Cultivate joy


Audition Coaching

• Learn to quickly make material your own 

• Find grounded, authentic acting choices and vocal ease

• Let it flow

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